Friday, 28 January 2011


first off, I would like to thank everyone for such nice comments on my “wishing wednesday” post
I have never done something like that before - so thank you for your messages!

now........I had planned on finishing this today - but somehow got sucked into
internet/bloggyland and........well; didn’t finish
needless to say - I also didn’t start the one I had planned on starting
when I finished this one......if you follow me

we have a printing job to do tomorrow, so maybe in between tasks, I can finish this

hope everyone has a nice weekend -
and again - thank you so much for coming by.......and especially for your nice comments


  1. i know, blogging takes time doesn't it, as well as the inspirational time that we spend on it!! great piece btw!

  2. Beautiful embroidery, Anne! The cardinal and the little red berries are so vivid against the white shirt. Is this a man's shirt? I want to know the story behind this piece. Where did you get this idea?