Thursday, 2 December 2010


well, the weatherman actually got it right!
we had a beautiful snowfall last night -
and now everything is covered in sparkly, heavy, wet snow -
perfect for snowmen and snowballs!

cafe next to my studio

some snowy ladies in the courtyard

actually, its normally used as a greenhouse

have been working on my new work........added the red slash
am now adding more hand stitching and still plan on white and perhaps red beads added too

I have to admit......this isn’t emitting the emotions I was wanting it to
but am not completely sure how to do that right now....
or whether I want to actually unleash all that
I think to do that; I would need
a) a bigger project......size-wise I mean
b) more time

so...will just keep at this and see where it takes me

hope everyone is keeping warm - keeping creative
and thank you so much to everyone who has commented here
such nice things......


1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful place, snow-covered or not! To me, having never visited the UK (yet), it's a perfect English scene.