Thursday, 16 December 2010

merry happy

hello there!
I just wanted to show a few (not great) photos of my house and the little bit of decorating I have done
I leave tomorrow for the US, so didn’t want to put too many things out, since I won’t actually see them

this is the scene outside my front window-
I live in a tiny little quite a few people walk by right outside the window
at night there are little crazy blinking blue lights

I spent most of the day at home - it has been raining all day.
so I made a litte fire in our "rustic” fireplace
it was a lot more glowy and sweet in real life

the opposite wall is one of my husband’s chilli plants drying
when we lived in Germany, and he was able to grow many, many chillies in the hot summer sun,
our ceiling beams would be covered in hanging chili plants!
here in England, in our sad little north-facing postage stamp-sized garden......this is all we managed

the fireplace mantle has a few birds and a garland on it -
very toned down compared to the last two years

and......the most exciting of all:
we finally got the shelf up in the kitchen!

was so exciting unpacking things I haven't seen in years!
still no place for the cookbooks tho
we have another single shelf, but didn’t measure it......
and it is too long to fit anywhere! oops

well, that’s about it

see you in the States!

I hope everyone has a lovely holiday.......
thanks to everyone who has come to my blog and commented on what I have been doing -
or to just have a look
I appreciate it so much



  1. have safe travel! and a happy holiday!

  2. Hope you managed to fly with all this snow journey ....xx