Thursday, 9 December 2010


well, here it is!
yes, I know the photos are terrible
it doesn’t have quite the emotion I originally wanted; but think I like the way it turned out anyway
now, let's hope someone else does!
the show it is going into is to raise money for a local group:

it is a very chilly and sunny day today - I am off to Brighton to see if there is anything that
I cannot live without - or would make a nice gift for someone...........

tomorrow; it’s on to my in-laws for the weekend,
so hope everyone has a lovely weekend of their own

thank you so much for stopping by


  1. That's great, Anne, and for a good cause. I hope you find a gift for yourself or for someone else in Brighton. Personally, if I was a family member on your gift list, I'd be thrilled to receive something YOU made! :)

  2. the texture is fab on this ....i clicked on the pic from the last post and enlarged it can really appreciate it then .....hope you had fun in Brighton...x