Monday, 17 May 2010

plants make you smile and giggle

my visit here is almost over......altho am now hearing the ash cloud is rearing its ugly head and might mess up my flights -
one thing I did for my mom is to help plant her plants - she and dad usually do this together, which of course wasn’t possible this year - she had such a big smile on her face when I showed her the two pots on the front steps
I thought I would go for a slightly unusual colour pink geraniums, purple and magenta coleus and a bright, acid green creeper, which I do not know the name of

we went to this amazing nursery to get the plants, Family Tree Nursery - I didn’t know this place existed......but they had absolutely every plant in every colour you could think of! the plantings they had arranged around the place were so beautiful and even more amazing - everyone working there was really knowledgeable about the plants!

they even had a really nice koi pond with beautiful golden older woman was standing next to it throwing bits of bread into it and giggling at the fish jumping least that is what I am assuming she was giggling about!

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