Monday, 1 August 2011

back to work!

just spent a nice weekend in Germany
in a little town we lived in for 3 years
cannot believe that was 8 years ago!
weirdly; it was cold and rainy the whole time
and then I get back to the UK
and it is sunny and warm!
usually the other way around

the town was having a
Middle Ages Fest

check out that hat!
a lovely felted acorn top

minstrels below the tower

even Middle Agers need a coffee break

some Scots had invaded too
beautiful leather drum on his back
(am sure there is a specific name for it......sorry)

am now back home
and back to getting things ready for the Open Studios

a friend of mine brought in some lovely
needlepoint cushions for the show
they look great against my
Guatemalan blanket
(oh - but you can barely see the actual blanket)

oh look - birds!!
have made these little clay birds
some are painted some are covered
with printed tissue papers

am hoping to put them on ribbons and add
little charms and beads to the bottom

have never done this before.......
so, we'll see how it goes

a strange thing happened recently
I have suddenly become attracted to
her realistic botanical paintings are amazing
but that's not what is attracting me
it is her more whimsical, looser still life pantings

now......I am not a painter -
but I kind of want to try my hand
at least try to get the loose, lyrical feeling
and then add things on top; paper, etc

just a thought......but I need to keep ahold of it
and when Artwave is over
maybe get out a little canvas and try it out!

she is having a big exhibition in Edinburgh
but I think that is a little far for me to get to

might obtain a book of her paintings
to keep hold of the inspiration

so........happy week to everyone
and thank you thank you
to my new followers!

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  1. that looks delightful! i'd do anything for a slice of that cold and cloudy weather at the moment :)