Thursday, 21 July 2011

mini canvasses n' stuff

I am having so much fun with these......
and am liking how they are turning out
(for the most part)
I have several more to do - but wanted to finish some off
just to see how they'd look when completely done

detail of one of the canvasses

the other week S and I went to visit friends in Leeds
while S played golf, I went to the Great Yorkshire Show

here are some of the interesting animals I saw:


a face only a mother could love
(and my friend; she is crazy for pigs!)

bit too much fake tan?

try to get a comb through that!

this guy loved his head being scratched

those curls!

you lookin at me?!

I want to show you a couple more things:
I went on a little spree in the local antique shops

first up; rusted metal rose

second; a bamboo drinks trolley
I have differing opinions on this one
not that I really care because I love it
but......a few people have looked askance
when I showed them
too kitsch?

not sure what I will do with it;
maybe paint it shiny black? shiny red?
altho I also like the natural colour
use it as an actual drinks trolley
some sort of display unit in the studio?
what do you think?

hope everyone is having a creative week
looking forward to the weekend?
I wouldn't mind a bit less rain
altho, am not too envious of the
blistering heat wave in the States

thank you so much for stopping by
appreciate your interest



  1. These little pieces are sweet, Anne. I think you could sell these in shops. You are really good creating the tiniest details.

    As for your trip to the Great Yorkshire Show, I think that pig has the friendliest face. Makes me want to give up eating pork!

    Your rusted rose is very cool and I think that bamboo trolley would look great painted black or red. I think black would give it an elegant look and red would give it a cheerful, fun look. Either way, it would look great holding art supplies or bathroom toiletries. I'd even go back to using it as a drinks trolly - I think it would look quite cool as that - and it would be easy to set up.

  2. love the little canvas embroideries i have done some small ones recently but not as small as these one is on exhibition in carmarthen of all places ....but they are exquisite ......x

  3. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, This is a nice and beautiful canvas,,