Thursday, 7 July 2011

and now for something completely different

our beautiful hydrangea - when we bought it, I didn't realise
it was a lacecap
and such vivid purpley blue!
the middle bit has started to shed parts of the little petals
so there is a sprinkling of blue underneath the plant
the stems, which I didn't get a picture of
are very dark; almost black, which looks amazing next to the blue flowers

I bought some mini canvasses
so today have been playing around with them

love the colours of the background paint
dress patterns and other bits of paper I have added

I want to add some texture with textiles and stitching
guess I should have seen whether I can get a needle
through all this before I started.......oops
but will find out soon enough!

have to admit; this is kind of fun!

when they dry - I want to add
embellishments with stitching (if possible)
maybe some beads or buttons
and whatever else I can find

hope all is going well with you

thanks so much for dropping by!



  1. Beautiful lace cap is my favourite i have a white one ....the little canvas are cute ..nice series..x

  2. I have a pink lace cap giving me a show outside my dining room window right now. : )
    Loving the dress pattern project!