Friday, 24 June 2011

well, who’d have thought?

I finished the woodpecker!

almost forgot to take pictures of it
to show what it ended up like
I think it turned out kind of sweet
I hope my mother-in-law likes it
I hope it cheers her up just a teeny bit

but.......where the heck did all those shadows come from?
I know the actual piece will be shadowy
since it isn’t flat
but I always seem to have mystery shadows at the edges
when there aren’t any I notice while taking the photos

it is actually sunny out today
first day in quite a while
so am going to go out and enjoy it!
got my latest Cloth,Paper,Scissors
so will sit outside and peruse that
(thank goodness for International subscriptions)

hope everyone has a nice weekend
and a burst of creativity!

thanks so much for being here.........


  1. that's such a great piece Anne .....lovely .....xx

  2. Your mother-in-law is going to be so happy when you give her this piece. It's gorgeous!