Tuesday, 23 February 2010

I have started a new bird picture today and am hoping to show some of the steps in my process. of course, I only thought about the pictures after I had been working a bit on it already.
the background is actually a paper copy of an old deed I have that is written in the most amazing script onto some sort of parchment from the 1800’s
I think it is a land deed
I machine stitched that onto an old piece of white cotton (an old sheet, actually)
I am taking the easy way out and using a copy of a photo of a bird - normally, I draw just the outline.....but am cheating a little bit by using the whole picture - altho I will be stitching over it and tearing off the outer bits so you won’t actually see the photocopy
anyway......here is me using a plain embroidery stitch to outline the bird before I start filling it in with free-machine stitching, which I will be doing tomorrow -
not exactly sure what will be happening next......so tune in to find out!

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