Monday, 15 February 2010

Hi again
I hope everyone had a nice weekend -
I just wanted to tell you what happened to me Saturday night. I live on a tiny little street with just 4 houses on it. It isn’t really a street, just sort of a walkway.
S and I got home from watching our friend’s band. When we got to our street we saw someone had cut hearts out of different printed papers and sizes and stuck them on all our doors and windows! They also sprinkled hearts all over the ground in front of our doors. It was such a beautiful surprise!
We have had a bit of sadness creeping around us for a couple of weeks, so it was so nice to see this and know someone was trying bring a little love into all our lives.
I suspect it was our new neighbours, so am spending today making a stitched heart to give to them (anonymously) to thank them for what they did.......
I hope it WAS them, but cannot think of anyone else

thanks to everyone who made comments about my hearts, and please, again, go see what Rebecca Sower is doing to help Haiti and how you can get involved

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