Monday, 21 December 2009

Monday - a grey, spitty day
if the temp drops, then we will probably have freezing rain or snow.........hope they can get the sidewalks cleared a bit sooner this time

not much artwork going on today - but some loose-end tying up instead

went and removed the signs around town about my Xmas Fair - and now things are piled up around the studio
think I might (when it isn’t raining) put my tree ornaments outside so that people going into the café will see them

just a few days this week before going to the in-laws in Suffolk
am still trying to decide whether I should jump into the Sea on Xmas Day! (the North it will be FREEZING!) thought it might be a good start to a new year
or......what is the probabilitiy of having a heart attack doing something like that? hmm

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