Tuesday, 19 January 2010

this past weekend, S and I went looking for the seal - I heard it had swum up from the coast and was hanging out on some docks down the river
we never saw it, but I did get a chance to use my new camera in the twilight - Polaroid PoGo
but as you can see, I haven’t quite got the hang of it!

we realised it was starting to get quite dark, so we splodged our way back through the mud before it was too dark to see anything
and back to the house for some lovely lamb, sautéd brussel sprouts, sweet potato mash and chicory with blue cheese - swished down with a Sicilian merlot, given to us by some very nice Italians!

I crossed 3 things off my to-do list altho none of them had to do with the projects I really need to get started on - I am having the most difficult time getting started (as usual) I packed away everything for the Xmas Fair and now feel daunted by the task of figuring out where I put everything and getting it all back out again......

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