Friday, 18 January 2013

crystal clear

the Kansas City skyline taken from the Liberty Memorial
on a very cold, blustery day in December

this picture doesn't actually demonstrate what I was going to write about today
but am so blown away by this skyline

growing up all the way over in the suburbs, I hardly ever saw this view
the buildings and projects that have been added through the years have really
made this view so interesting - a nice mix of old and new
am so happy they have been able to keep that Western Auto sign up too 

the one thing that surprises me almost every morning
and throughout the day
is the clarity of the air here

after spending years with the grey skies of England
the intense blue of the sky here, along with the sunshine that has been present 
almost every day since I moved back
makes the trees, the grass......everything
so crystal clear
it can (and has been) bitterly cold - but then that sunshine 
comes out - and kicks everything up a notch

this clarity, the 'big sky' and the sunshine also make for 
the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets
such pinks and blues!

I just need to get myself outside and take a few photos of this to show you
really is beautiful

thanks for stopping by!


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  1. so happy you are back! I will put you on my sideboard! beautiful work below..