Tuesday, 26 October 2010

change of plans

well, was all excited to add all sorts of pictures
of my little trip to Edinburgh.........as opposed to adding pictures of my new work!
(insert broken record here)

then........I got a call from the States
my Dad, who was pretty much given the ‘all clear’ not too many weeks ago,
is in the hospital; hooked up to oxygen
a new tumour pressing on his windpipe.....and possible cancer spots on his other lung
after all the chemo and radiation he had been through already;
he didn't even get to feel ok for any amount of time

he can't do anymore radiation and cannot start more chemo until he can breathe on his own,
but can;t breathe on his own while the tumour is there
Catch 22

not good

I am going back there this Friday........for a couple of weeks - or so
have cancelled my Xmas shows I had committed to

have now entered surreal-world bubble

sorry to be..........serious, I guess
hope you'll hear from me soon with some good news

and maybe I'll show you Edinburgh another day...it is such a beautiful, inspiring yet spooky place

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


didn’t get anything done again this week
well, in the fibre arts area, I guess I should say

so; re-group and start again!

am having a few days is Edinburgh........a sort of pre-anniversary trip
and hopefully a bit of a rest and alone-time with S
perfect timing for me to bruise my foot/toes so badly I can barely walk!


last weekend I went to Mayfield to see my work at the

a lovely little gallery - was thrilled to be included into this show

two of my pieces were on the back wall.......slightly hidden - but think they look nice against that bright blue wall

all sorts of different animals in different media; look at these beautiful paintings by Karen Papworth
such striking eyes!

and these lovely and delicate bronze toads in the window by
beautiful goldy-greeny colours

hope everyone is having some good creative time -
thank you so much for dropping by - really appreciate it
now must go pack for rain and cold!! (can’t wait!)

Friday, 15 October 2010

hey! who took my week?!

my to-do list seems to be as pristine as when I first wrote it at the beginning of the week.........nothin crossed off

once again - my focus and energy is so dispersed, nothing gets done
so.......to replace photos of things I have done this week;
here are some photos I took a few weekends ago when S and I took the ferry over to Dieppe

grey stormy skies on the way over - with the sun just breaking through,
lighting up the other side of the white cliffs

fantastic market every Saturday - the fruit and vegetables look so vibrant..........
should have taken more photos of them - the lettuces were amazing!

beautiful door next to the Moroccan grocer

drats; you can't see the wallpapers very clearly -
was wondering if the giant pink flowers are original (60s?) or more recent

the castle; which is now the most interesting museum I have ever been to - so much beautiful and
surprising art in such a smallish town -
they were having an Impressionism exhibit while we were there -
several famous artists went there to paint; the light is extraordinary
and their collection of carved ivory; carved by sailors throughout the centuries is amazing

views from the castle

the colour of the water was so beautiful

fishermen's chapel on the hill, overlooking the harbour

lovely harbour full of boats

the guy looks suspiciously Disney-like

rainy, windy Sunday surf

this weekend, I am hoping to get over to the gallery in Mayfield to see my work in the Dark Horse Gallery
next week, a friend of mine, Marco Crivello is having a show at the Air Gallery in London -
the opening reception is this Tuesday 6-8.30pm
do drop by to see his work, if you can - it is so beautiful
Chronochromie: The Colour of Time
19th - 23rd October

thanks for being patient with me and coming back.........
next week, (really!!) I'll show a bit more work..........er.......as soon as I start it!

have a lovely weekend


Friday, 8 October 2010


(went to Dieppe a couple of weekends ago...love that place!)

cannot believe I have been away for so long!
has anyone noticed?? :(

anyway........have been working non-stop on some freelance graphic design projects - but they are now off to the printers so my life can get back to normal (well, as normal as it usually is)

I am now off to visit the in-laws for the weekend
and next week; I'll be back!!

oh!! duh, almost forgot
I have been asked to be in another show!! woo hoo
it is in an adorable village not too far from me - the theme is animals, so my birds should fit right in
I am going to miss the opening party tonight......which is a big shame
if you just happen to be in the area; check it out!!

have a lovely weekend, everyone!!
and thank you so much for coming by.........hope you come back and see what is going on next week
when I will have more to say and show you!