Wednesday, 31 March 2010

in progress - and an apology

first; I would like to apologise for not keeping up with my blog......

I have been on a few trips and had every intention of posting my photos and telling you about them.......but I forgot my camera! I bought a single-use one but am having trouble filling it up so that I can get it developed!

I also said I would answer Lorna’s 7 things about myself request.......which I still haven’t done (sorry!)

I have been having to deal with a few events that have blindsided me this year - and I find myself staring out into space.......unable to make sense of anything or pick myself up and do what I had intended to do that day -
my to-do lists keep getting longer and longer......hopefully I will be able to cross a few off soon

on a positive note: I have finally been able to start a new piece - I am still working on it, but thought I would show you where I am now.......
this and my chickadee will be sent to the States to be framed and hopefully shown in a new framers/gallery - will let you know when they are finished and available.

again - thank you so much for your comments and for taking the time to come by.......

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

just a little something

here’s a little something I have made for a friend I am hoping to meet up with this weekend. I am going to visit the village in Germany we lived in for 3 years.......she is very important to me and made my life while there so much easier.

had more to write, but have to go now!
have a nice weekend - I hope somebody somewhere gets to see some sunshine!

thanks to everyone for their comments - and for coming back to read my little bits


Thursday, 18 March 2010


well, I think it is finished.......

and thanks to L for giving me stacks of old musical scores......will start using them in my work - I did use a small fragment in this one

I am now going on a little trip to the Isle of Wight this weekend, courtesy of lovely husband - what a surprise!
we both need some time alone (together alone, I mean)
so am hoping for long walks on the beach and a bit of reading and LOTS of seafood!!
must remember to pack my rain things as it is supposed to drizzle the whole time, making it even more adventurous and atmospheric

now I just need for the hotel to have a roaring fire! (pleeez!)

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

back to the birds

back to the birds!
I am still having a bit of trouble getting into my writing for this please bear with me -
am not sure how personal I want to get.....but would like to have somewhere to mull things over -
other blogs I enjoy seem to have a mixture of art and life - so you can get a full picture of the person writing-
so, will just keep on going and see what happens - I think a little more silence in my head would help......I have got into the habit of always having either the radio or music on constantly

I have also been tagged by my new friend, L to write 7 things about myself - will take a while to muster up that one! but will add that probably tomorrow - take a look at her blog....she wrote so beautifully her 7 things.

and now to the bird - a black-capped chickadee, to be precise. I had to start over from the original one I showed the other day - I just felt the text in the background wasn't showing up here is where I am at:

I thought I'd finish this today - but think tomorrow it is more likely to be done......(I hope!)

oh! and for the past two days, we have had sun!! I even was able to sip my coffee in the courtyard - altho now it is looking mighty chilly out there
last night a big blanket of fog rolled down from the hills and into the town.......should have gone out with my camera; maybe next time

and as always - thank you - thank you for all your comments and for coming by and looking


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Haiti by Hand

a little announcement:
Rebecca Sower has kindly taken my donation of my art to be included in her haiti by hand project

artists from all over have donated artwork to be sold in aid of this amazing project - ALL money raised goes directly to help the women of Haiti

check out the etsy shop they have set up!

on another note; I leave tomorrow for a few days to go to Italy with my husband to watch his favourite football (soccer for my US friends) team play Turin.......yes, you read that correctly - but it IS Italy afterall!!
and actually.......I like watching football

so.......will be back soon

and as always - thank you SO much for coming and seeing what I have been up to - I appreciate all your comments!!

Monday, 8 March 2010

and now.......

and now.......on to the next birdie - which will hopefully be winging its way to the US to be shown......but will tell you more about this collaboration later

I have another collaboration I have been working on with a friend in the US, but am missing the photos that show the beginning, so once I get those - I will show you what we have been sending back and forth........

finished blue bird

well, I finished my little blue bird - adding more red hand stitching, tacking down a couched bit of yarn that I had and adding a bit of scrim and a button. I am sending him off to a special place and if he is approved - I will certainly let you know where to find him! all for a good cause
and now..........

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

whew! it has taken me a while to get back to this, what with actual paying jobs to do plus a visit to the in-laws. tomorrow is going to be taken up with design and printing too...which is probably a good thing as I am not sure where I go next with this. I think I am going to have to retire this particular bird image, he always (always......this is the second time I have used him) looks a bit muddy......not quite defined enough
anyway - I finished stitching him and added a bead for his eye - then I tore off the excess apaper from his image - so now the only paper left from the bird picture is underneath the stitches. I also added some red exes to tie in with the red lines on the deed in the what??

oh - second sunny day in a row! woo hoo!