Friday, 18 January 2013

crystal clear

the Kansas City skyline taken from the Liberty Memorial
on a very cold, blustery day in December

this picture doesn't actually demonstrate what I was going to write about today
but am so blown away by this skyline

growing up all the way over in the suburbs, I hardly ever saw this view
the buildings and projects that have been added through the years have really
made this view so interesting - a nice mix of old and new
am so happy they have been able to keep that Western Auto sign up too 

the one thing that surprises me almost every morning
and throughout the day
is the clarity of the air here

after spending years with the grey skies of England
the intense blue of the sky here, along with the sunshine that has been present 
almost every day since I moved back
makes the trees, the grass......everything
so crystal clear
it can (and has been) bitterly cold - but then that sunshine 
comes out - and kicks everything up a notch

this clarity, the 'big sky' and the sunshine also make for 
the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets
such pinks and blues!

I just need to get myself outside and take a few photos of this to show you
really is beautiful

thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, 17 January 2013

Look who it is!

I'm back!
Well, not really back, more like forward.

I am now living in the US after 12 years.
Not just any old place in the US, but in my hometown, 
which I haven't live in for almost 20 years!

It has changed. I have changed.

I am excited to see what happens now, but
I must admit that it still feels as though I am just visiting.

All my belongings are still boxed up in a shipping container somewhere in the UK
so I haven't been doing much in the way of art

That said, I do not have much in the way of arty things to show you
that I may have done recently


I am going to show you the photos I took on my last day 
stitching on the Battle of Lewes Tapestry!

my fearless overseer, Jan working on a lovely pond scene

the beginnings of a new panel

the thatched roof of a cottage - with fleeing cat!

close up of the flames, smoke and cat
I really like all the textures coming into this

a battle scene - just begun to be stitched
each person got to choose a figure to work on

here is my dead guy! in a really odd pose
it is kind of hard to see as someone else's leg is on top
and his arms are in strange positions
but he's all mine!
would like to draw your attention to the beautiful detail and pattern
on the horse - beautiful

more fighting
and to add to the carnage - there is a Rook
eating a dead sheep at the bottom left corner

I knew I was leaving soon, so I didn't pick a complicated soldier to work on
in case I couldn't finish it
so when I did finish my guy, I also got to do this cat
not sure if you can tell, but his hair is standing on end as he flees the battle
I forgot to take a photo of the finished cat

if/when I am able to see the finished project, I will be able to pick 
these characters out as my work - along with several anonymous trees an shrubs!

I hope to be more present on my blog than I have been for so long
but my days in limbo are almost over

I hope to share with you my .......ooh! I was going to say journey
but that sounded silly

I hope to share my new life and what I discover of my new/old hometown

wish me luck!

an thank you for coming by to see me after such a long haitus

hope everyone is healthy, happy and creative!